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We combine core educational principles and digital interactivity in an unconventional way to make eLearning simple, effective and fun.

Because adults learn in many different ways, we cater to personal preferences for receiving and absorbing information. We seek to understand what businesses and individuals want to achieve – and we design the best blend of learning methods to get them there.
For businesses, TCI has developed a range of innovative services to support team learning. It’s all about crafting a tailored solution that uses the right processes, platforms and content to match business and staff needs – whether that’s through online training or a blend of face-to-face and digital communications.


Enabling effective training solutions


Our learning solutions not only allow you to tick the compliance box, but seek to change human behaviour. We have gained experience by providing a range of solutions; everything from end-to-end mining induction courses, which are used by thousands of users who are unfamiliar with technology, to small one-off training courses that focus on a specified learning outcome.


We work out what you need, and then we craft a solution using processes, platforms and content that suits your business. Consulting for us is all about sharing ideas, talking through the real issues and creating the solution that works.


While we are renowned as a creative design studio, it is our ability to storyboard your content in a way that works online that puts us streets ahead and delivers something totally surprising. It’s not just what you learn, it’s how you learn it.


TCI has made a name for itself by building eLearning NOT eReading packages. Creating a truly interactive training package that engages your staff, delivers the content and remains fun is a skill that has taken TCI years to master.


Our Learning Management System (Cybil) is designed to make managing your learning and compliance needs simple, effective and powerful. With a range of features that are customisable by YOU, Cybil will save you time and money.

We are your learning partner



Our online short courses are fast, fun, flexible and effective. They are perfect if you’re short on time but need to build your expertise or refresh your skills.
Each of our short courses, 31 in total, takes just 2 hours to complete. We have a range of pricing options to suit your needs and budget, whether you’re a small business or a Government agency.

Contact us to sign up for one or more courses, or discuss a bundled package option that suits your staff training requirements.

Short Business Courses

$49* / ea

  • courses include:
    Business Writing Skills
    Communication Essentials
    Essentials of Selling
    Writing Business Plans

Advanced Business Courses

$99* / ea

  • courses include:
    Frontline Leadership
    Risk Management
    Business Improvement Strategies

Workplace Health & Safety

$149* / full suite

  • courses include:
    Introduction to
    Workplace Safety
    Risk Assessment and

Microsoft Office Courses

$99* / ea

  • courses include:
    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Access
    Microsoft Powerpoint

*Volume discounts and contract terms can be negotiated.  Please contact us for more information.

Cybil LMS

Developed by TheCyberInstitute, Cybil delivers a powerful, efficient and cost-effective solution to manage all your training and compliance requirements.
The interface allows intuitive navigation and makes the learning process fun and simple.


Learning Plans


Event Management




SCORM Compliant

Create your own learning plans by building “Learning Bundles”. Our Learning Bundles allow you to decide how the learner progresses.
Manage Blended Learning that combines face-to-face and online learning with our event planning facility to deliver training in your staff’s Outlook Calendar!
Manage and report on your business by department or team with our Organisational Management facility.
Cybil allows you to load any of your own courseware that meets the SCORM standard.

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The Team

We can help you get the most from learning because we have the right team, with proven expertise in business, education, IT and digital communications.

We recruit only the most innovative and talented individuals to share our collective passion for helping people learn (and making sure they love the process!). If you think you have skills that could help, email us at enquiry@thecyberinstitute.com (especially if you’re a guru in instructional design, flash and action scripting, database development, XML development, or mobile phone application development).















The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts


Featured Projects


Here at TCI we are transforming the way eLearning is delivered in Australia.  TCI provides customised eLearning solutions and support services to many of the nation’s largest and most significant employers.  Over the past decade TCI has designed and delivered over 1,200 organisationally specific eLearning courses, issuing over 2.6 million certificates of completion.

Find out how to benefit from our award winning eLearning approach.
Our Capabilities Statement identifies that partnering with us will ensure that you develop the right solution for your organisation.


At TCI we regularly get asked why most industry leading organisations in Australia use us as their preferred supplier. The answer is simple. It is our creativity and flexibility that wins us business and keeps our customers coming back.


We know it takes more than a pretty picture to engage your staff


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